Captain Chip Fischer

With the name Fischer, Captain Chip was destined to fish. Growing up in Oregon is where he first developed his passion for fishing. In 1970, he moved to Kona, Hawaii to work alongside his father Captain Jack Fischer on the Hanamana.

With over 40 years experience fishing in Kona, Captain Chip brings a wealth of knowledge and a level of expertise and professionalism that has raised thousands of fish and placed in many tournaments.

Captain Jack and Esther Fischer visited Kona often during the 60’s. It was a no brainer to build a custom boat for Kona. Hence, Hanamana (working force) was brought over in 1966. There were only a handful of boat charters at that time. Many captains and crew learned their trade on the Hanamana.

With Captain Chip Fischer carrying on the family legacy, there is pride of ownership. Captain Chip has spent his entire sportfishing career spanning over 4 decades fishing the Kona, Hawaii waters. Come fish with Captain Chip and be a part of Hanamana's ongoing legacy.